Artist: Yolanda Adams
Story by: Darci from Oregon, Portland


So many ups and downs in life. We all have them. Before I was married it was about family struggles. Eventually, as an adult, I came to Christ! No, it doesn’t solve everything all at once and you can bet, Satan is ready to throw all he can at you. But keeping that relationship with Jesus is the only way I survived!

I immersed myself in the word and then met my husband. Since marriage, my husband and I have had multiple health issues that ultimately led to surgeries. We’ve had financial struggles. My husband was diagnosed with high functioning Autism. The list goes on and on. “Truly I been through the storm and the rain…” yes Lord knows.

The main thing is this is my jam, my go to. I get up and dance even in physical pain. There other songs that speak to my soul as well. I choose joy! I choose to worship the Lord in song. We all have the power to choose JOY. We all have the privilege to come before the throne of God! What an honor that the Supreme King of the Universe, Creator of Heaven, Earth and every living thing listens to us. When the enemy is in my ear, this is one of the songs that can only lift me up. I claim VICTORY in JESUS! “Without his protection, I’d surely fall.” What’s your jam?

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