He Knows Me

Artist: Doc Watters. (Myself)
Story by: Doc from Denver, Colorado

He gives me prayers to sing!

I’ve been playing music all my life and over the years God has given me prayers that I’m certain He wants to hear. I often wake up in the wee hours of the morning and sit in my living room with my guitar in hand and worship! This quiet, private time with Him that has convinced me that He knows me personally!

When I read the lyrics that I write, it is so obvious that this is God speaking to me personally. Often times the lyrics are perfect prayers that are said in a way that would not be how I would say them. Where do they come from? I’m absolutely convinced that they are God speaking to me. How incredible it is that He knows me and cares enough about me to sit in my living room with me at 2:00 in the morning and communicate through music!!

There are times when I’ll be singing the words He has given to me and have tears running down my cheeks! Good thing I’m by myself! Anybody that would see me would think I’m some sort of “nut”! A few years ago I felt Him saying to me that He had given me a gift and I needed to share it.

Since then I’ve taken His music out into the real world and play in bars and clubs that have open mic opportunities…..WOW does He work through those experiences. It is seldom that someone doesn’t come up to me to THANK ME! It’s not the music they are used to hearing when they go out drinking! What an incredible privilege it has been to share God’s word through the music and lyrics He has given me in my quiet time! I have given away around 600 CDs and have had several people, whom I did not know, send me emails to tell me how much they have been blessed! It’s pretty clear that that is not me doing the blessing!!

I know this is probably not the kind of story you were looking for but it is my story of how Christian music has affected me. I guess it’s still Christian music, but it’s more than that to me! It’s my prayers to Him who has been willing to spend time in my living room at 2:00 in the morning and telling me what I should sing about! He knows the people that have needed to hear His message and He knew where they would be! Sure glad He Knows Me!

Do you have a story about a song?

People need to hear your story about how God used a Christian song in your life.