Give me Jesus

Artist: Jeremy Camp
Story by: Noelia from Holland, Michigan

Alive but dead

I use to listen to rock music god smack, nickel back etc.. One day after work driving to pick up my five-year-old from daycare and heading home to Grand Rapids (GR). We had moved to Wyoming, Holland, & G.R. from Saginaw and I didn’t know any stations on the radio. So here I am changing from station to station till I found one I liked.I was just tired of listening to the music I was listening to. So I found a station liked the tune to the music but didn’t know who was singing or the name of the song and at the end of the song I remembered the man talking he said, “ this is Chris Lumkie 91.3 FM Christian music “ I was like “Christian music? What?”

My daughter is 19 years old now. 14 years later and still listening to Christian music. The song by Jeremy Camp- “Give me Jesus”. I get tearful because to speak the words “Give me Jesus you can have all this world just give me Jesus “ is so powerful and it makes my thoughts run with Jesus and just thinking at that moment of being with Him there’s no words just tears and excitement clinging to His promise that one day I will be there with Him. He means much more to me than this beautiful world He has given us.

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