Why Are People Shocked at Weinstein?


This article contains references to secular lyrics that have profanity and other aspects that may offend some readers. Please continue reading at your own discretion.

I’ve been reading the news lately, and have been somewhat surprised at the shock and surprise expressed regarding the alleged actions of Harvey Weinstein. I am not shocked. In parallel, we also hear Donald Trump saying Opioids are the “worst drug crisis in American history”. Is there a connection in all of this to the music we listen to?

Just last week, Lifeway Research published a study that highlighted the Top 5 Positive Predictors of Spiritual Health, and “listens primarily to Christian music” was cited here. That seemed to even take Lifeway’s Eric Geiger by surprise, and it seemed he needed to apologize for its inclusion (I’m sorry Eric, but I don’t understand why Lifeway of all places is not fully embracing this study conclusion!).  We know from Romans 12:2 that if we don’t conform to the world, we can be transformed by the renewing of our mind.

What didn’t get much discussion on the blogs I read (perhaps out of fear of being legalistic?) was that “listens primarily to Pop / Secular music” is also one of the Top Negative Predictors of future spiritual health. I find that especially interesting – there’s a positive and negative to do with music.

Today (October 27, 2017), Billboard magazine reports that the #1 song in the country is Post Malone’s “Rockstar”. I’ve censored the lyrics somewhat, but here are the opening lines of the song:

“Ayy, I’ve been f**kin’ hoes and poppin’ pillies”

Let’s break this down a bit.

“I’ve been f**kin’ hoes”

Let me start by saying I’m not here to judge Post Malone. In fact, I hear the song is quite catchy and that he’s a talented dude. That said, I don’t want to find myself bobbing my head to that tune, nor do I want my daughter thinking it’s a cool song (or that it’s ok for boys to call her a hoe!).

But let’s get to the point, when women are objectified like this – and society doesn’t seem to care – it helps breed the type of behavior (i.e. Weinstein’s objectification of women) that we don’t want.

“Poppin’ pillies”

I’m going to take a wild guess that Post Malone’s not referring to taking his daily dose of Vitamin C. Once again, I find myself asking the question – are we surprised at our Opioid crisis when the TOP SONG IN AMERICA glorifies drug use (also)?


In the past few months post-Charlottesville, we’ve seen a massive societal reaction against White Supremacists. We’ve even seen Spotify and Apple Music remove White Supremacist music from their services. I commend this. On the other hand, post the Weinstein scandal, we don’t see Spotify and Apple pulling the plug on Post Malone. In fact, Spotify has made Rock Star the first song in its most popular playlist, Rap Caviar.

So… What will you find on The Overflow? Christian music. 100%. But please listen to me for a moment – this isn’t just about being “safe” or “positive”. Christian music is about power. Christian music is about overflowing with hope. Christian music is about being filled with the Holy Spirit.

So my challenge to you – both for yourselves and your kids. Will you leave your kids entertainment choices to chance (i.e. give them a subscription to Spotify or Apple), or will you build your Spiritual life by listening primarily to Christian music on The Overflow?

Written by CEO Stephen Relph while listening to Have It All by Bethel Music on The Overflow