There are several things you can guarantee every single year; a Super Bowl, Christmas, Easter, and a new Hillsong Worship project. With such a range of skilled and gifted worship leaders and writers, releasing a yearly project is the natural overflow of the worship culture of Hillsong Church globally.

This past summer while in New York City, I had the chance to attend Hillsong NYC for one of their morning services. On the heels of Hillsong Conference, there were several songs they led that morning that I hadn’t heard before, and were so memorable, I found myself singing them in my head for weeks.

The newest release from Hillsong Worship kicks off with the song Behold (Then Sings My Soul), which was one of the songs highlighted this past summer at Hillsong NYC. With a memorable anthem of a chorus, this song is moving, captivating, and inspiring to listen to. Joel Houston (also of Hillsong United) delivers yet another worship anthem we’ll be singing for years to come.

Behold is followed up by more energetic tracks like Love so Great, and Look to the Son, with the kind of memorable choruses we’ve come to expect from Hillsong. What is notable is the use of synth and keys to drive much of the energy for those songs, taking a page out of the Hillsong Young & Free book.

Perhaps my favorite part of the record is the song What A Beautiful Name, featuring the return of Brooke Fraser (Hosanna, Lead me to the Cross). Brooke’s voice is memorable, passionate, and her lyrics “Death could not hold you, the veil tore before you, you silenced the boast of sin and grave,” take the song to another level. Brooke has always had a gift of penning words that speak to the heart of the believer, and she demonstrates this again on this song.

Other great highlights on this album include Grace To Grace, Crowns, and As it is (In Heaven). All in all, this album is another great release from Hillsong Worship, with songs that are memorable, teachable, and inspiring.