Exclusive Christian Music


I love christian music and what it does for my soul. I love and appreciate christian artists who pour their hearts, souls, and sacrifice their time to share their art that glorifies Jesus Christ. I also get excited to bring exclusive christian music offers to our customers.

In the past, we have brought exclusive christian music offers with debuts from Casting Crowns “Hymns of Faith” album before Spotify and Apple music, as well as Building 429, Blanca, Christon Gray, Morgan Harper Nichols, Ryan Stevenson, Hillsong Worship among many others.  Our latest exclusive pre-release is perhaps the one I’m most excited about because it’s from one of my favorite bands – Tenth Avenue North – and because of the song title, Overflow

In the song Overflow, Tenth Avenue North Front Man Mike Donehey and the team have created an upbeat, pop song about the Trinity, and the freedom we have received from God, and how our life is a gift for us to give back to God, with God (through the Holy Spirit) alive in us. What I LOVE about this song is how the lyrics so clearly state “we receive your love, and Overflow”. In this case, it certainly seems to me that “overflow” implies an action – we overflow – but to what end?

I’m 100% convinced that we are meant to live grace-filled lives and love others through the overflow of the power of God working in our hearts and hands – with the purpose of personal and societal transformation. We aren’t intended to withdraw into a bunker and hide from the world. Instead, I firmly believe we are to be connecting our souls to the ultimate power source – the Trinity through the work of the Holy Spirit – so we can overflow and impact society.

My prayer today is that you will feel the Holy Spirit’s presence today as you listen to Overflow, available today, only on The Overflow 🙂

May God bless you!

Written by CEO Stephen Relph while listening to OVERFLOW on the LIFTER Stream It First playlist