EDM and Christian Music – It can be done well…

First, kudos to the team at Red Letter Hymnal for creating some solid Christian EDM.  While I have personally been a fan of dance music since the 90’s (I’m aging myself), it has been hard to find Christian Dance music that I really liked.  Red Letter Hymnal is an example of a group that is showing some talent and breaking through.

Now before anyone gets too critical of other Christian EDM acts, it’s important to keep something in mind.  As an amateur economist, it feels to me like the equation for high quality musical production is something like this: high quality music = musical talent + production quality.  The talent side of the equation is hard to adjust – you’ve either got it or you don’t.  BUT, high quality production can overcome some shortcomings in talent.  This said, high quality production typically “follows” the money and so typically if a large enough market exists, the dollars will flow into the market and then create higher quality / better sounding music.  All of this being said… I love Red Letter Hymnal’s Neon Lights.  Whether they had to spend much in production I’m not sure – but this group clearly has some talent.

So… Check out their video below.  And give them a follow on twitter @RedLetterHymnal and on Facebook at facebook.com/RedLetterHymnal

Written by CEO Stephen Relph while listening to Neon Lights by Red Letter Hymnal on TheOverflow Dance Mix Playlist. You can stat listening here.

Christian EDM music

Christian EDM




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  1. Somebody
    Somebody says:

    Never heard of this band- great music though! I liked their page.
    (This is totally irrelevant but whenever I have to fill something out on your website the squares I have to write in are so light that I can barely find them)

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