Christon Gray Christian Hip Hop Freestyle

Okay, it’s time I come clean and confess. In my formative high school years, I wasn’t an exclusive Christian Music listener. Far from it, I was more into music by the likes of Usher, Notorious BIG and Tupac, much of which was pretty raunchy and stood in stark contrast to my faith. When I was 18, I recall sharing what music I listened to with a non-christian at my workplace and he asked me “how do you listen to that stuff and reconcile it with your beliefs?” Good question – I wasn’t sure how to answer it then, and beyond a loose interpretation of 1 Co 10:23, I’m still not sure how to answer that.

Since high school I’ve become more and more convinced about the power of christian music in helping us live Spirit-filled and transformed lives.

Now don’t get me wrong, the LAST thing I’m proposing is legalism. Quite the opposite. One of the reasons I love doing what I do at The Overflow is playing a part in helping expand the reach of christian music in ALL of its forms, including Hip Hop and R&B.

Earlier this week, my favorite CHH (christian hip hop) and R&B artist Christon Gray became one of a select few CHH artists to drop by the BIGGEST secular Hip Hop morning radio show — Sway in the Morning in NYC, and if I’m not mistaken, 1 of 2 to have the guts to freestyle on the “5 fingers of death”.

Freestyling is a form of completely improvised rapping on the spot, and Sway’s “5 fingers of death” is perhaps the biggest stage for freestyling.

I’ve also got to admit, it’s just a little cool watching Chris freestyle wearing his Overflow snapback and drop a reference to The Overflow at 3:03. You can watch the whole video here (remember: it’s a secular station so please don’t get too easily offended!), but more importantly, you can listen to all of Christon’s music here on The Overflow — and we pay MUCH better royalty rates than YouTube and help support christian music.

Written by CEO Stephen Relph while listening to the new Stop Me Remix featuring JGivens by Christon Gray on the “Overflow Top New Songs playlist”. Listen here