The Gabby Douglas Christian Music Training Playlist

gabby douglas christian music training playlistThe 2016 Rio Olympics just started this week, and our fellow believer Gabby Douglas is getting set to compete. At the 2012 Olympics, Gabby won not just one but two gold medals and unashamedly stood up as a Christian. Just a few days ago Billboard Magazine shared that Gabby trains to Christian music. So it seems only logical that the only Christian music streaming service would have Gabby Douglas Christian Music Training Playlist available, and now we do!

Join us in praying that Gabby will do her best, win Gold and have an opportunity to expand her platform for the glory of Jesus Christ! If you’re interested in watching Gabby compete, you can check out the schedule here.

At The Overflow we’re naturally excited and feel blessed to help bring you Christian music of all kinds. Whether it’s a Christian music Training playlist like Gabby’s, Worship @ Work, Gospel Radio, Hip Hop Throwbacks or anything else, we’re the ONLY service that offers exclusively Christian music to help you in your walk and live a transformed life.

Once you’ve tried us out, remember that in additional to unlimited streaming of Christian music, members can save playlists offline, just like you would if you had bought them on iTunes and downloaded them to your phone – but at a fraction of the cost.

Written by CEO Stephen Relph while listening to the Training with Gabby Douglas playlist.

Listen here: