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Why Are People Shocked at Weinstein?

I’ve been reading the news lately, and have been somewhat surprised at the shock and surprise expressed regarding the alleged actions of Harvey Weinstein. I am not shocked. In parallel, we also hear Donald Trump saying Opioids are the “worst drug crisis in American history”. Is there a connection in all of this to the music we listen to?

Christian Music Helps in Spiritual Growth

Here’s the reality: if your kids are on Spotify, Apple Music or another service, chances are they’re listening to very little Christian music, and likely a lot of secular music. What music do you listen to, and make available for your kids?

Exclusive Christian Music

I love christian music and what it does for my soul. I love and appreciate christian artists who pour their hearts, souls, and sacrifice their time to share their art that glorifies Jesus Christ. I also get excited to bring exclusive christian music offers to our customers. In the past, we have brought exclusive christian music offers […]